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    For new customers, welcome to register on You can get 10% off shipping with your first order.
    This benefits activities just for the newly register customer. On one hand, after you register and make your order the sales will refund you the 10% off shipping to your account. On the other hand. We can send you the email when we launch new styles and have new promotions. So you can become our VIP customer. Take the entire VIP customer's personalized service.

    Like you can have the customer services as below:
    New styles every 2 weeks
    Free pictures service  (Valued $5/ Piece)
    Free logo services   (Valued $7)
    Free dust bags  (Valued $1/ Piece)

    If you have a shop or you run your own leather handbags business, just take these custom services. All of these free but valuable custom services will make you more competitive.
    10% shipping discount