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    At 2019-04-05 04:26:33, "Son** Sud** wrote:

    On Sun., Jun. 9, 2019 Hi Allen, Just to let you know we received the package today and very happy with the packaging and quality of the bags, so thank you very much for meeting our expectations! We look forward to a long lasting relationship and doing business with you. Cheers P***y.


    At 2019-04-05 04:26:33, "Son** Sud** wrote:

    Hello Allen, I just wanted to tell you that I received the purse today and it was delivered this morning, just as you promised. The bag is beautiful, very well made. I am very happy with it and it is better even than I imagined. My daughter loves it too, and we will be ordering more purses from you in the future. Thank you again.


    Allen! I am so happy right now! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Magnificent! The bags, the dust bags and the tags are just amazing!

    We will do it again real soon.

    Thank you again. Blessings.


    Feb 27th 2019



    We received our newest order yesterday – just in time for a Girl’s Night Out event where I was selling our line of products. Your bags were a huge hit! Everyone agreed that the bags are superior quality and absolutely beautiful!

    I appreciate how you package everything with such care. That means a lot to me … the attention to details. Thank you so much for everything! I’m grateful I found your website when I did!

    Warm regards,




    Hi Allen

    I received my bag on Friday and i am very pleased.

    I will be in touch soon to order some more and build up a collection of my own brand.





    Hi Tina

    I received my bags today.  Thank you so much. The logo on the bags and dusty bags is great.

    It really made me smile.  The bags are wonderful. 

    Hopefully I will receive lots of orders so I can order plenty more.

    Thank you so much again.

    Have a wonderful day.

    Best regards



    Comments/Questions:  Please please please tell me there is one last carine vintage bag in red that I may purchase. I love it and its named after me!! I have recommended you to so many ppl who also loves your bags. I have completely worn the heck out of my Zuma bag in tan and its still going strong and received sooooo many compliments. I must get the carine!!




    Hi Allen,
     I recieved the bags yesterday, they look amazing!!!!!!  I just love this style and so do my customers. Thank you very very much for including me in the order!!!!! I also recieved my refund, thank you.  I checked out the new styles on your website and they are GREAT!

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi Allen,
     I am just in LOVE with these bags!  You guys are awesome!  I will be back for more after I sell these, and I can not wait till your new designs come in.  THanks for everything!


    Hi Allen -
    I believe you are the person who left me the msg regarding the delivery issues with my tan zuma bag last week. Well I just received it and am so floored by how beautiful it is. I have never written a product testimonial before but have so many great things to say about the bag and the you have an area on the site where I could post that? Or an email address I can contact you at so that you can add to this testimonial page? I am just so very sad as I see you have so much new product. Have been looking for a month for an ipad cover and that pink one is perfect (plus it has the matching carrying case!!) AND I must order the red salma or miley red shell before the holidays. So you’ll definitely be hearing from me again - just have to get my 3 sisters and closest friends on board with your website first! Thanks again - couldn’t be more pleased by the bag or how quickly it was received. Let me know where I may send some specific comments on the bag itself! And thanks to the great workmanship in China!




    Dear Allen
    The stock has arrived and it looks great.
    Thank you for a job well done and delivered on time.


    Hi Allen,

    I have bought the bag as a christmas gift for my sister & I am sure she will be very happy with it.
    I received it this morning & it is great.
    I will definately be telling all my friends to visit your website if they want to purchase a good quality leather handbag, great service & fast postage.

    Thanks Again



    I received my 2 bags in Australia today.

    Great service from the company, postage was quick, and the handags were stunning!
    Super quality.

    thank you


    1 Loretta Grey  LH006

    1 Brigitte Grey Crocodile-Embossed Bag LH049


    Hi Allen,
    I received the leather handbags today, they are gorgeous.



    Hi Tina

    Thanks too Allen i do appreciate also for the free bag ;-) for my last order.
     Have good day.


    Hi Tina

    The red bags arrived very quickly and they are lovely-thank you to you and Allen. On our television yesterday they showed the beautiful Chinese "City of Lights" that will be lit up for days. How pretty it all looked. I thought of you and wondered if you were able to see all the lovely colors, it looked like a magical fairyland.  Many thanks for so quickly processing this last order for us. I received the photos, thank you. Your service is excellent.  

    Bye for now



    Dear Allen and Tina,
    I’ve recived your bags just now.
    Thank you for it.
    I like them.
    I will order again soon.
    Best regards,


    The handbags arrived today. I am impressed with the leather quality. I will definitely keep in touch once I have fully assessed the bags.

    Thanks for prompt service!

    Kind Regards,



    Hello Tina,  

    The handbags have just arrived.  Congratulations - they are just beautiful - please say thank you to the wonderful hands that made them. Please tell the makers of these bags that they have done a fabulous job.  Sometimes in life the people that do the work just never get to hear the compliments of their good creations.   Delivery time was very fast - thank you also for that.   Can the Aqua bag be ordered in different colors Tina?  The quality of the leather is lovely and so is the design.  If it is available in other colors I would like to order some more.  Also, do you do special orders for bags from photos?  I have a handbag design that I would like to have made to sell and I wanted to find a manufacturer that I felt I could rely on for quality and I feel your company would be just perfect.   Would you please let me know as I would like to place an order? 

    Bye for now and many thanks.  

    Kind regards,   ****n


    Hi Allen and Tina, 

    The sample bag just arrived. I’m very happy with it J Love the outcome – love how the logo is in a square and sewn all around in the bag – excellent. I actually think that I want the handle a little bit shorter in the bulk order…and is it possible to make the handle more sturdy – like thicker?? 

    I definitely prefer the dust bag with the handles. Will probably just have the dust bags in black I think – will confirm with you.

    I’m going to make the order soon.

    Will order about 15 pieces for the small size and 16 pieces for the big size. Will tell you the colour for the big one – looking at the leather swatch you provided. Thanks for that. The small one will be the same colour as the sample bag. 

    Will make payment for the bags and the metal logo at the same time. 

    Thanks Tina and Allen. I like the Zuma bag too – but not in Orange.

    Plus I have another design that I’d like to make.  Hope to hear from you soon. 





    Hi Tina,
    Could you please ask Allen how many of the Rebecca Brown Leather Tote LH063  I have to buy to bring the price down.
    I think I could sell more of them if they were a little bit cheaper.
    Best Regards,



    [Customer] C***-OT-Tina :(2011-07-11 09:56:20)
    [Sales] Tina :(2011-07-11 09:56:23)
    yes ?
    [Customer] C***-OT-Tina :(2011-07-11 09:56:30)
    I LOVE THEM!!!!!
    [Customer] C***-OT-Tina :(2011-07-11 09:56:32)
    I recieved the bags this morning!!!
    [Customer] C***-OT-Tina :(2011-07-11 09:56:35)
    LOH046 is AMAZING
    [Sales] Tina :(2011-07-11 09:56:37)
    wow ! so fast
    [Sales] Tina :(2011-07-11 09:56:41)
    [Sales] Tina :(2011-07-11 09:56:48)
    i know , the leather is very nice
    [Sales] Tina :(2011-07-11 09:56:52)
    in Lh 046 black
    [Sales] Tina :(2011-07-11 09:57:03)
    but since the bag design is big , so it is a bit heavy though
    [Customer] C***-OT-Tina :(2011-07-11 09:57:08)
    yes - LOVE LOVE LOVE
    [Sales] Tina :(2011-07-11 09:57:10)
    how about the zip puller ?
    [Sales] Tina :(2011-07-11 09:57:18)
    did you see some we sent along for the zip puller ?
    [Customer] C***-OT-Tina :(2011-07-11 09:57:20)
    LOVE LOVE LOVE hahaha
    [Customer] C***-OT-Tina :(2011-07-11 09:57:26)
    I am so happy - def worth the wait!!
    [Sales] Tina :(2011-07-11 09:57:27)
    as i dont know if you can hang yourself
    [Sales] Tina :(2011-07-11 09:57:33)
    so didnt send many
    [Customer] C***-OT-Tina :(2011-07-11 09:57:50)
    Thats ok - i will try later today and let you know’
    [Sales] Tina :(2011-07-11 09:58:04)
    yes sure . and did you see the leather swatch ?
    [Customer] C***-OT-Tina :(2011-07-11 09:58:10)
    Thnx for the leather samples too :-)
    [Sales] Tina: (2011-07-11 09:58:27)
    i thought you might need to see some leather sample for your next custom color or design
    [Sales] Tina :(2011-07-11 09:58:34)
    i have marked the NO . behind too
    [Customer] C***-OT-Tina :(2011-07-11 09:58:53)
    they are perfect :-)
    [Customer] C***-OT-Tina :(2011-07-11 09:59:13)
    Can I ask how you take the pics of the bags?
    [Customer] C***-OT-Tina :(2011-07-11 09:59:30)
    I want to take some of my new ones by want them to look like the ones you take
    [Sales] Tina :(2011-07-11 09:59:50)
    we usually ask photograper to take them
    [Customer] C***-OT-Tina :(2011-07-11 09:59:57)
    ohhh ok
    [Sales] Tina :(2011-07-11 09:59:58)
    and sometimes we take by ourselves too




    Re LH151 Brown(3)


    I received the bags!

    I love love love of them!!!

    Thinking of ordering the

    Viole brown leather shoulder bag LH046 in a some custom colors. what is the MOQ and price please  :-)

    If I order the custom colors will they be exclusive to me or will you post them on your website for other customers?

    Thank you SO SO MUCH :-)



    Hi, Tina

    Thank you very much for the shipment1

    We like the quality of the bag. However, we were order more than the 20 piece limit on the bags, would we be entitled to a discount? Regards,



    Hi Tina, I have received my lovely bags. gorgeous thank you so much i shall b placing another order very soon are the findings brass?

    kind regards



    Hi Tina,

    We receive the bags and sent it today to our customer It looks very good!!

    and i think the quality is also very good!

    thanks a lot

    The next sale is on 29-05 till 01 or 02-06
    We must put 60 different styles online and delivery directly like
    do you have so much designs in stock?

    And do you have other things like wallets or belts.
    The customer such another article for more sales in juni.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
    and thanks again for the good service!!



    *** WOW, the labels look fantastic, we love them 
    Tina yes                                                      
    *** The dust bags look great too
    Tina yes
           that is right
    ***  You have been a great help to me
    Tina my pleasure to help


    Hi, Allen

    Just to let you konw that the bags arrived on Tuesday and i am very happy with them. thanks so much for the quick delivery. I am really looking forward to ordering more bags in the next few days

    Have good weekend!


    921991928   09:19:37
    I receieved your bags very nice

    921991928   09:20:03
    Any new bags coming? other than the ones on your web

    Tina  09:20:19
    great  you got the bags

    Tina  09:20:03
    yes will have new bags soon




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    Dear Joe,
    Just got the bag today. Very FAST shipment and very nice package. And what is more, your customer service is very good and impressing. The bag I order is actually a gift I bought for my friend. I really like the natural softness of the leather and the GORGEOUS bag style. I will definitely buy more and introduce to my friends.

    Best wishes


    HI sales

    This is Molly from USA. Last week I ordered 15 pieces of genuine Italian handbags on your website as my first order. I like the quality very much and I will buy more in the near future.

    Please always keep me posted for your latest new collection by email or phone call. Many THANKS!

    Love from M***y


    HI Tina

    This is Angela and I am really satisfied with your leather bags. Nice style, very good leather and perfect craftsmanship. I was concerning buying from China before. Now I realize I was wrong. Buying from can get lots of surprise. And you guys’ service is really the best of the best.

    Look forward to doing more business with you in the near future.




    Dear Allen
    Thanks so much to inform me your new styles days ago. I got the parcel this morning and after I open it, I am really impressed with the bags.

    So I guess I should send you a BIG THANK-YOU to let you know how happy I am! As soon as I sell out all the stock, I will order more.

    Business is rather slow here ,but I still feel that your styles with so good leather can be very hot sell .

    Stay in touch and talk soon.

    Best regards


    Dear Tina

    This is happy customer Mike from USA. I bought an Italian leather bags from you days ago for my wife’s birthday. And she is really pleased with your bag. Very high quality leather and good lining. The hardware is also very shiny and good.

    Call me later when you get this email, I was thinking  to start my own business in the form of purse party for a while, I think I can buy bags from you and resell in our area . It is going to be a big hit, I am sure.

    How excited!

    Best wishes